We’ve all had bad customer experiences — a call center rep who knows nothing about your relationship with the company, a poorly timed promotional email arrives when your current order is delayed. These poor experiences happen because large companies can’t unify old databases with new SaaS apps, IoT, and other sources of information about their customers. Established categories of software, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to call center systems, have failed to solve this problem (and many make the sprawl of data worse!).

More than raising awareness about a product, our challenge was setting it apart from established categories of old technologies by defining a new category. To do so, we started with a person, not a product.


The key to defining a new category of software was peering into the mind behind Usermind. We worked with Co-Founder and CEO Michel Feaster to broaden her thought leadership platform across a range of leadership and business transformation issues. As a thought leader, Michel could offer companies not only a new product, but a new way to approach their customer experience problems with an entirely new mindset and category of software.


Revere’s integrated campaign landed Michel and Usermind in podcasts that spoke to technologists, New York Times columns that reached business leaders, and the social feeds of the most prominent VCs in the world — each building a new facet of her company and larger category. In the two years since it emerged from stealth and began working with Revere, Usermind tripled its customer base and increased its revenues 10x.

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