Disruptive change arrives faster than ever, on unexpected vectors. For businesses and consumers alike, tech is both a challenging friend and an intimate enemy. Breakthrough innovations are as likely to be greeted with fear as excitement. Market value, consumer loyalty and employee commitment must be earned daily.

Nobody can predict the future. But with the right partners and tools, you can stay one step ahead. We built Revere to be smart at speed, rooted in communications and always pushing at the edges of marketing and digital experiences.

As change accelerates, Revere helps clients fight for the future. From fresh startups to continual innovators, our clients share the courage to lead despite disruption and uncertainty.

Revere is a separate company within DJE Holdings Inc., with its own leadership, client roster and infrastructure.

Will Tech Isolate or Enable in 2019?

As 2018 wrapped up, we asked a few of Revere’s clients, friends and industry contacts to share their thoughts on the year ahead in technology – knowing that tech is now a daily trending topic across business, political and pop culture news. We love what this diverse group had to say.


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