In the data center, translating a client’s value proposition for practitioners into a story that earns the attention of business leaders hinges on a strong strategy and relentless execution in media.


ExtraHop is an IT analytics company that analyzes every digital transaction on the network, detects patterns and anomalies and delivers actionable insights to IT teams – and competes with the largest incumbents in enterprise IT. Revere helped the company establish its thought leadership in its core network performance business, while taking a beachhead in the crowded, fast-paced security space. Our strategy to communicate news, POVs and thought leadership research is earned-centric, social by design — our stories meet the high bar of journalists but are designed from the outset with a social element to help them spread.

By aligning with mainstream industry conversations, the Revere team runs successful media and social campaigns that transcend the typical data and networking news cycles. In 2017, ExtraHop prepared to announce a new product, Addy, which used machine learning to detect anomalous behavior in real time.


As opposed to leaning on the purely technical specs, the Revere team positioned ExtraHop Addy as “the digital assistant for IT,” even referring to it as “Alexa for IT” in a signature story — an op-ed by ExtraHop CEO Arif Kareem in VentureBeat.

And as ExtraHop was just beginning to enter the security space last year, the Revere team jumped on the massive WannaCry attacks to secure high-level thought leadership and commentary about network security and artificial intelligence in publications such as Fox News Tech and Dark Reading.

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