The relentless march of technology means even the most valuable software one day can be commoditized the next as new alternatives come to market. That’s why we scrapped the usual media launch playbook for Habitat, one of Chef’s most important new products, and instead told a distinctive story that showed how Chef’s software represented not only the “state of the art” but also the “state of the science…”


Building on a two-year relationship, we secured an exclusive opportunity with Wired for a feature package that told the story of Chef’s new software — not in typical technology terms but by comparing the ambitious project to biological systems. To build anticipation, we created a social media countdown campaign leading to the story and combined with a public livestream of the founder demoing Habitat on a website dedicated to the new product.


By creating an innovative media playbook, we created the biggest media moment in Chef’s history, landing top spots  on both HackerNews and Techmeme.


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